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Young adults who would like to get married naturally start looking for love in the community they live in, but in some parts of the country, the odds may be against them.

A new Pew Research Center analysis finds pronounced differences in the ratio between men and women living in the largest U. metro areas, especially when it comes to singles who have an attractive characteristic: a job.

EMAIL - [email protected] marry me i want to marry with frances or UK or Lativa or Irland or Island or Italy Girl please contect me on my yahoo email address Abdul Rehman [email protected] EMAIL - Abdul Rehman [email protected] a male aged 36 and seeking a fine and proper lady who i can trust,and share my love with.

I hope and pray to meet the flower of my life she should be social,caring,easy going and ready to mingle and live anywhere in these world.

CURRENT means how you look "today," NOT "yesterday." For example, if you had long black hair yesterday but short and blonde today, don't send me a photo showing your "older or previous" look. Answer: And I wish we lived in a "perfect" world and everything was across the street from my house or within walking distance so none of us would need cars, trains or airplanes. Are you cool with meeting someone that wants to be "just friends"? I am NOT looking for "just friends." You are in the wrong section.

"Worthy," "Deserving" and "Reciprocate." , please E-mail (1) your name, (2) your email address, (3) your location (city), (4) your age, (5) your ethnicity and (6) your current & clear photo (within the last 3 months). Lastly, it's NOT "where" you meet, it's "who" you meet. I want to find someone close to me or in the same city.

Thus, I look at "online" places like Craig's List as another place with "potential" and "possibilities" instead of looking at it from a negative or pessimistic perspective. 6) Question ("Comment"): I don't want to do any traveling.Its not about money but love .contact me pliz i will reply your email. Friends, am a man aged 51, humble , honest , trustworthy and God fearing. EMAIL - [email protected] a lovely and handsome guy of 19 yrs of age from Nigeria and a very friendly and understanding guy.My interests include , surfing web, music, movies , adventurous, exchanging ideas and expriences. EMAIL - [email protected] kenyan , looking for a lady age 30 and over matured mostly german ,danish or from europe currently i work in Dubai emirates hobies, i like having holidays in mombasa beaches email me pliz. EMAIL - [email protected] there friends, my name is becca and i am looking for uncommitted white males across the world (25-35 years old) I promise you won't have a dull moment. EMAIL - [email protected],am rahina from Ghana wanting a serious man from American, Canada , Spain, Germany between the age of 20 to 35serious man to call my future serious person should email me on [email protected] - [email protected] everyone my name is ademola samson,am l here purposely because am looking for a serious lady for a serious relationship,l ned a woman who will love me for who l am,pls contact me on my mobile number 2348106390038or 2348184799215 EMAIL - [email protected],am lawrence.i would like to get apenipal,am friendly and willing to learn more from him or her and talk about my country uganda and theirs. I need a young girl of age 13 to 18 from wesrtern countries for real dating dat will eventually leads 2 marriage. Your ETHNICITY means your "country" of origin or where your ancestors came from. 1) Question: If you are such an amazing guy then why are you still searching or single? By this, I mean, "mature," "intelligent," "responsible," "grateful," etc. Basically, I'm looking for "quality" over "quantity" so that takes longer to find. I also find that most girls tell me they are a "Good Girl" too or "Worthy and Deserving" but often that's not the case either. Relationships are like a full time "JOB." It's NOT "EASY." If you are not able or willing to commit to the challenges of the "job" then you are not ready for the "job." It's that simple. Answer: A romantic (intimate) relationship and long-term (on-going) girlfriend. Thus, if this is not what you are looking for then you SHOULD NOT contact me. If you are MATURE for your age it shouldn't be a problem unless you are still playing with barbie dolls, teddy bears, video games, etc. Males don't reach puberty until 14 or 15 on average. CLEAR means NO "hats," "sunglasses" or "fuzzy" photos and so forth. It says, looking for a "Worthy and Deserving" girl. 3) Question: Do you really think online dating is a good or serious place to find what you are looking for? Unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect or ideal world. Relationships (especially "successful" ones) require enormous from both man and woman. I am NOT looking for a Facebook, email, telephone, texting or platonic friend. So don't contact me for anything besides what is described above). This is the romance section called "Men Seeking Women." You should be looking under "STRICTLY PLATONIC." 9) Question: I'm only 18 or 20. Answer: DEPENDS on your level of "MATURITY," mental growth, intelligence and overall cognitive understanding. For example, females reach puberty on average at age 9 or 10.

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