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They often contained a church, graveyard, high crosses, monk`s cells and from the late 10th century round towers also became a feature.The first church at Kells was completed by 814 and in 878 the relics of St.The most famous treasure created by the community of St.Columba is the Book of Kells, a highly ornate version of the four gospels in Latin."You are older than you were when you were single before. You also have to learn to communicate what you want out of a relationship," she says.O'Hara is not currently attached but is, she laughs, having a lot of fun.No matter how determined you are to avoid turning into Bridget Jones – or her male equivalent, be careful.

"Even situations like being chatted up again or flirting can be intimidating. One-night stands are definitely not for me, for example, despite my mother saying it was just what I needed." For people coming out of long-term relationships or marriage, self-doubt can be a barrier. It's about finding the person you were before your last relationship, discovering who that is now with all the wisdom and experience you have acquired in the meantime.

As training and development manager with MRCS Counselling (which used to be known as Marriage and Relationship Counselling Services) in Dublin, she co-ordinates four-evening workshops on life after separation or divorce.

"It was like a rug was ripped from under my feet." Now living in Dublin, O'Hara has come to terms with the loss of her relationship and now helps others to heal their own romantic wounds.

These days, people who find themselves in that situation are not afraid to seek help.

Being young, free and single is all very well when you are 21, but the prospect of looking for love when you are young at heart, separated and single (again) is not quite so appealing.

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The island was raided by Viking fleets in 795, 802 and again in 804 when sixty-eight people were killed. Columba`s monastery on Iona were granted lands at Kells as a safe haven from invaders.

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  1. London-based relationship coach Nicolas Aujula has helped guide singletons from all walks of life to build self-esteem, resolve past emotional baggage, and identify their relationship needs.