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Despite this quick pace of upgrades, little changes in the Xperia line over time: most of the top-shelf Xperia phones evolve very gradually.

The new Sony Xperia XZ is probably the biggest update to the series with a brand new ‘loop’ design that changes the appearance of the phone, but even this does not make it a very significant change: yes, it has a slightly larger screen and a slightly larger battery than the X Performance, but the specs and software are nearly identical.

Because, as Fujifilm said: I’ll start with a talk about lenses, because that is, in my opinion, the heart of each system.

I’ll just quickly come to the point of the article: When Fuji designed the XF 35mm F1.4 they had 2 choices: create the lens in a way that it will perfectly match the test criteria used for MTF charts, or don’t care about specs & charts and design the lens thinking at the real life use… That’s why, today, looking at the MTF charts, the XF 35mm doesn’t seem much of a lens, but looking at the pictures X-shooters (including me) take with it every day, it’s pretty clear that Fuji has created a hell of a lens!

With the King Pro Transceivers for Sony now providing a Multi Interface foot below, and full Multi Interface TTL pass through hotshoe on top.

The streamlined design also makes this an exceptional fit in most rooms, allowing you easily to mount this television so that it creates a clutter-free, cinema-like viewing experience.

Now imagine Fujifilm designing a Fujinon lens that does not work well in combination with its own X-Trans sensor… Well, apparently, under certain circumstances, the massive Sony 28-135 F4 FE-mount lens performs really bad on the Sony A7r II – source: Von Wong’s article (Martin Vieten is one of their reviewers) has tested the A7RII together with the 1.8/55 and they found out that it perform massively worse in the corners with the A7RII compared to the A7R.

Wide open the resolution drops as low as 32 lp/mm and only gets back to the level of the A7R at around f4!

Let’s see if there are any other improvements and if Sony can pull out a surprise with the XZ.

While it retains the DNA of a Sony Xperia phone with its sharp corners and somewhat bulky size, it also now comes with edges that are tapered and more comfortable to hold, an approach that Sony calls ‘loop’ design.

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