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If you're upgrading an eligible disc, you'll have to redeem the included voucher code in the Play Station Store on your PS3 beforehand. From the PS4 home screen, scroll up and select Play Station Store.

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Năm 15t Trúc nghĩ học và đi làm ở Sài gòn , khi đó một ý chí là đi làm xa dành dụm tiền về để xây cho mẹ một ngôi mộ thật đàng hoàng ( vì mộ mẹ Trúc chỉ là một nấm mồ đất vun lên mà lại nằm trên một con dốc , nên mỗi lần mưa thì nước dồn về làm trôi đi phần nấm) .

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If you are a California resident and have changed addresses or plan to do so in the near future, you must have the address information updated on your license, vehicle registration and title certificate.

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"Year 15: Through Thick and Thin Romance is redefined: At this stage it's less chocolates, candles, and flowers and more, ' How can we make our lives together more comfortable.' "Spending time together involves buying toilet paper, scrubbing the toilet bowls, and changing the litter boxes!

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Then click "Update Profile" at the bottom - the image file will be cropped to a square and resized down to 100x100 pixels.