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On every surface—shelves, tables, window ledges, and cluttering the desk—there are Teddy bears and toy trucks, balls and bats, dolls dressed in the regalia of the Caribbean parade that takes place on Eastern Parkway every Labor Day.

The room has been painted a vivid teal; and at the many windows hang curtains of satiny teal fabric, printed with the seal of the borough of Brooklyn.

Of all the Hollywood directors/writers/producers who are scorned by high-minded artistic elitists, I don’t really care enough about Brett Ratner to hate him. Rotten Tomatoes is merely a critical-aggregate site which compiles reviews and assesses whether films are critically “fresh” or “rotten.” Hating RT is like hating math and statistics.

Like, I’ll pour my hot sauce of hate on people like director Zack Snyder, or hack supreme Damon Lindelof (it still makes me shake with rage that he’s allowed to work in Hollywood). But Ratner does have an issue with Rotten Tomatoes.

But as you can see from his IMDB, he actually is accumulating an impressive CV as a producer.

Director and producing mogul Brett Ratner says film critic aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes is a destructive force in Hollywood.

The boldness of that gesture was somewhat undermined by the fact that construction didn’t begin for another thirty-four years, and the building was not completed until 1848.

When, fifty years later, Brooklyn merged into New York City, the building was downgraded from City Hall to Borough Hall; and this decline in importance has grown more pronounced in the subsequent hundred-odd years—right up to the present, when the building’s highest profile is, arguably, attained by the occasional appearance of its imposing courtroom in the television series “Law & Order.”The Borough President’s office, in the southeast corner of the building, has recently undergone its own transformation.

The Sexual Assault Dean on Call (SADo C) is also available to students 24/7.In a lawsuit filed last year, the 25-year-old model accused Wey of pressuring her into having sex, then firing and hounding her after she cut things off.On Monday, a jury in a Manhattan federal court awarded Bouveng million after finding that Wey sexually harassed and defamed his former employee. NYG Capital LLC and Benjamin Wey, showcased both the glitz and the grime of New York City, from luxe apartments, Rolex watches and Prada bags to racist messages, accusations of drugs and prostitution, and one very shameful sex toy. That’s where Wey met Bouveng, kicking off two years of “chaos” — in the words of Wey’s wife — that would end with attorneys, acrimony and allegations of international stalking.In the time of Howard Golden, who was Borough President from 1978 to 2002, the desk was positioned at the far end of the room, so that visitors were obliged to make a processional approach to the seat of influence.Under occupation by the incumbent, Marty Markowitz, the office looks less like a sober place of government than like Santa’s workshop.

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  1. Judging by some of the responses to Meryl’s tweet, it seems that some of her fans still believe that she and Maks had a real romance and that she, not Peta, should be the one with Maks.